National Cat Day Photo Contest to Benefit Pet Healthcare Program

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Helping Senior Citizens Pay For Pet Healthcare

HOUSTON COUNTY (Sept. 24, 2014) Animal lovers across the county are hard at work preparing for the National Cat Day Photo Contest that will directly benefit the Petcare for Seniors Program. National Cat Day is celebrated on. Wednesday, Oct. 29.

Categories for the fun-filled photo contest include Longest Hair; Cutest Cat; Best Dressed; Most Mischievous and Most Colorful. Certificates will be awarded for 1st- 4th Place and each 1st Place winner will receive a beautiful custom made Kittie Basket valued at $100.

Entry fee is $5 for each photo and ALL proceeds will benefit the Petcare for Seniors Program. Entry fee for each photo is $5 and entries can be submitted online at or in person at 2100 East Houston Avenue in Crockett. Photos should be clearly identified with the cat's name, owners name and contact information (on the back.) Deadline for entry is Friday, Oct. 24 at 5 p.m.

According to the most recent census, Houston County Senior Citizens make up about 21 percent of the population and many of them have pets that not only keep them company on a daily basis, but bring them comfort in their Golden Years. The Petcare for Seniors Program is available to help seniors and residents over 65 who are on a fixed income. The program help pay a portion of the veterinary care expenses for their pet.

In the two months since being formed, Petcare For Seniors has contributed some $600 to help several senior citizens with pet healthcare needs.

"We created the Petcare for Seniors Program because we wanted to help citizens over 65-years of age and who are on a fixed income with providing healthcare for their much loved pets. Many seniors rely on the daily social interaction with their pets as an important part of their lifestyle. We sincerely hope the National Cat Day Photo Contest raises a significant amount of money so we can continue to help seniors care for their pets," said PCS President Michelle Craven.

For additional information about Petcare For Seniors visit their website at or by calling Julie Newton at 936-544-2712. Volunteers are welcome to assist in the worthwhile efforts of the not for profit organization.